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An Underwater Story – The Rolex Submariner

Posted: Oct, 22, 2020

The Rolex Submariner is one of the most instantly recognizable watches ever. Using the old saying, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, the case shapes, sizes and profiles have been tweaked, but the essence of the original Oyster case is this the same. Let’s compare it to the Porsce 911. The current iteration of Porsche’s most famous sports car, the 992, is essentially a car has been tweaked, improved, streamlined – but all based on the same recipe that Porsche has used for the past half-century. The 2020 Rolex Submariner Last month Rolex unveiled the newest versions of its most celebrated sports watches. The revamp of the collection encompassed all models, in all metals with the common feature being a new case profile and the inclusion of the new in-house movement. As one would expect, these watches are an evolution rather than a revolution of the Submariner, but the […]

Tudor Black Bay 58 Navy Blue – Military Time

Posted: Jul, 07, 2020

Six years ago Tudor gave the world the Black Bay 58 and it was exactly what vintage watch collectors and enthusiasts had been dreaming of. Since its launch in 2012, there has been nothing but praise for the Black Bay, which draws heavily on the vintage watches in Tudor’s back catalogue. The Black Bay 58, however, was a new beast in a new case and profile that was very faithfully based on the Tudor Submariner reference 7924 from 1958; hence the ‘58’ in the name. The 7924 was used extensively by military forces around the world and was one of the founding fathers of the Tudor dive watch line. The new Tudor Black Bay 58 Navy Blue Military Timekeeping   The Tudor Submariner reference 7924 was the product of a relationship that began in 1956, when the French Navy ordered a batch of Submariners reference 7922 to issue to its […]

50 Years of The Tudor Chronograph Part 3: The Big Block

Posted: May, 27, 2020

In 1976, the House of Wilsdorf launched its first automatic chronograph. And it wasn’t a Rolex, it was a Tudor self-winding chronograph, a full 12 years before Rolex introduced their first automatic Daytona; the Zenith-powered 16500 series in 1988. This was a real coup for Tudor and put them ahead of other chronograph manufacturers of the 1970s. In fact, it was this automatic movement that led to the watch’s nickname. The rotor and autowind mechanism of the movement meant that Tudor needed to design a new watchcase that was deeper, hence the collector term ‘Big Block’. A second aesthetic change that occurred with the Big Block was the introduction of a third chronograph register on the dial – an hour indicator. The previous two series, the Home Plates and Mote Carlos, were effectively 45-minute stopwatches, but the new watches could measure much longer periods of time. The First Three Series […]

50 Years of the Tudor Chronograph Part 2 – Destination: Monte carlo

Posted: Apr, 17, 2020

Following hot on the heels of the first series Home Plate chronographs of 1970, in 1971 Tudor launched the second series of chronographs. The flamboyant use of colour that was a signature of the Home Plates was continued with vivid tones of orange and blue dialed watches now complementing the grey and orange colour scheme that was first seen on the first series of watches. Compared to other watches in the Tudor and Rolex line-ups, these watches were both big at 40mm and eye-catching in their execution. A Tudor 7169 Monte Carlo In the second series of Chronographs the home plate style markers were replaced with more conventional rectangle shaped lume plots. The use of bright orange remained with eye-catching elements on both chronograph registers as well as on the outer seconds markers. The watches became known by collectors as Monte Carlos, as the dials resembled the roulette tables of […]

Covid-19 Update

Posted: Apr, 13, 2020

We are still currently closed until further notice, but if you have any enquiries in between times email Needless to say we apologise for any inconvenience caused at this time but we all are really looking forward to life getting back to normal when you can celebrate with a stunning piece of jewellery or a finest quality watch! Stay well and stay safe.