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Moodys have worked alongside the finest jewellery designers for over 4 generations and are proud to showcase world renowned pieces from our store in Nantwich. Our current collection showcases jewellery from Lenti Villasco, FOPE, Georg Jensen, Mikimoto and Serafino Consoli.

One of a kind

Moody’s have a reputation for magnificent One-of-A-Kind gemstones carefully hand selected for their rarity beauty and durability. The advantage of being independent is we have the freedom to explore the world in the quest to find the most exquisite gemstones ethically sourced. Allowing us the creativity to design beautiful jewellery which tells a story and is destined to be an heirloom.

Lenti Villasco

Each Lenti Villasco creation is a masterpiece of fine jewellery made in Italy, the result of over 55 years of experience in the art of the goldsmith and of an artisan tradition that has been handed down unaltered, faithful to its roots and unsullied.


Manufactured in Vicenza in Italy the centrepiece of the collection is their Flex’it range of flexible bracelets entirely made in Flex’it gold, a patented and original invention that incorporates invisible 18ct gold springs, allowing the bracelet to be worn with no clasp. There are rings to match that expand to fit over any knuckle.

Georg Jensen

The philosophy of our namesake silversmith, Georg Jensen, is to create innovative designs that are both beautiful and functional. Georg Jensen grew up close to forest and lakes just north of Copenhagen. Nature was his core source of inspiration. Symbols of the natural world weave a common thread throughout his designs: fruits, blossoms, leaves and organic shapes.


In 1893, founder Kokichi Mikimoto successfully created the world’s first cultured pearls. Ever since then, Mikimoto has been seeking to harness the allure of pearls, translating our hopes and dreams into pearl necklaces for over 130 years.

Serafino Consoli

A Made in Italy brand that follows the path of distinction giving shape to something that does not exist, leading to the birth of two collections of precious jewels: Brevetto Collection and Serafino Collection, which allow worldwide registered transformations, never seen before in high jewellery.

Deakin & Francis

Signet rings can be passed down from generation to generation; a personal expression that can be treasured forever. The timeless signet ring is a symbol of you and your family’s heritage. It is a faithful companion for many generations through history and the future, evoking a sense of permanence, loyalty and tradition.

Deakin & Francis luxurious signet rings are worn by some of the world’s most distinguished figures. In the collection there are a variety of gold signet rings as well as sterling silver signet rings with our signature skull engraving.

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