Our Traditions

C H Moody & Son was founded in 1883 on the principle of providing the finest of jewellery and watches together with the best of service.

Four generations later these same principles apply, enhanced by a desire to find designers with flair and passion to produce jewellery that will bring pleasure to the wearer for generations to come.

C.H. Moody & Son sell Rolex, Tudor and Bremont watches alongside our Moodys 1883 collection Diamond rings and fine jewellery from Fope, Mikimoto, Georg Jensen and Charles Green amongst others.

Why choose your diamonds from Moody’s?

With over 135 years experience in the jewellery trade you can be assured of our integrity and knowledge together with our desire to offer the best value on quality for price, and that all our diamonds are guaranteed ‘conflict-free’.

Our wish is that every ring and item of jewellery should give joy and pleasure to the wearer for always.

Our diamond jewellery isn’t expensive – it’s just of a rare and very high quality made in the most precious of metals – platinum and 18ct gold.

Gem quality is determined by what is known as the four C’s – Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight – factors that apply to all diamonds (and also to all coloured gems such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds).

Cut – It is the quality of the cutting together with the style of cut that can unlock the true beauty of the gemstone. In diamonds they should be cut to maximise reflection and refraction from one facet to another and the better the cut the more fire and sparkle!

Colour – Most diamonds appear white. Close inspection shows that there are variations of “whiteness” which we grade on an alphabetical scale from “H” (white) up to “D” (colourless – the finest and rarest). When you choose one of our independently certificated diamonds you will be guaranteed the quality of its colour.

Clarity – Most diamonds contain minute natural inclusions. The fewer inclusions, the greater its clarity and consequently the rarer it is.

The most prized are flawless and combined with fine colour this adds to their value and desirability.

Our diamond rings are set with stones of SI1 clarity and above – any inclusions are invisible to the naked eye.

Carat Weight – One carat is 0.2 grams, and is divided into 100 points. Hence a diamond weighing half a carat is 50 points (0.50ct). Bigger diamonds are rarer and so become more valuable – but it is essential not to compromise on quality. Size isn’t everything !

A fifth “C” is Confidence; confidence in choosing your diamond from one of the country’s top jewellers.


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