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Posted: 22/08/2021






It is with great sadness that we are announcing the passing of our dear Mrs Olive Moody at the age of 95.


Mrs Moody will have been well known to so many of our friends and clients as she remained working at the shop as recently as 3 years ago.


Visitors to Moody’s were always greeted by her with a smile and “Welcome” – a charming way to make every customer feel relaxed and truly welcome.


She had a wonderful way of describing the romance of choosing an engagement ring or other jewel and was, herself, an accomplished user of words in poetry or in her letters and cards – always written with a fountain pen! 


Above all else she loved meeting people and possessed the rare gift of managing to make everyone feel part of the Moody’s family – something which we try our hardest to continue. It was an experience so polar-opposite to the sterile and impersonal modern trend of on-line shopping.


Her love and knowledge of jewellery was matched by her love of China and glassware and she was a passionate supporter of The Potteries and pottery industry. At work Mrs Moody enjoyed nothing more than tinkering with the displays and passing on her knowledge and ideas to us all. Likewise she took huge pleasure in decorating the shop with posies of flowers from her beautiful garden – another of her great loves – and we all have plants and shrubs in our own gardens that she grew from cuttings to share with us.


Her final visit to the shop was in February last year when she came to see the newly revamped Rolex showroom, illustrating her dedication and passion for this wonderful jewellery family business that she had devoted so much of her life to. For her the most important brand, above all others, was the brand of C.H. Moody & Son and we hope that we can continue to show that same passion and care for Moody’s and our clients for many years to come. Without doubt she will be watching us closely!


All our thoughts are with Carl, Alison and Oliver at this very sad time.


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